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5 best-known kicks used in Taekwondo

Many different kicks are being practiced in Taekwondo and junior belts start training their basic kicks from white belt. These various kicks are being tested in grading to ensure that they have mastered it.   We would like to share with you the favourite and most popular kicks that you would see during tournaments whether it is for Poomsae or Kyorugi (Sparring). 1. Front Kick Front kick, is also known as '앞 차기 ap chagi' in Korean. Front kick is where the Taekwondo practitioner raises his/her knee vertically up to the waist and pulls the toes back and then quickly extends his or her foot onto the target and create a fast snap kick, horizontally. This is the uttermost basic kick where white...

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3 Must Knows on Taekwondo Uniform Trademarks before your purchase

  Often at times, us as distributors and retailers for Taekwondo often receive enquiries about which are the most valued uniforms/doboks, the confusing line between goods that are WTF Approved and STF Approved or even online platforms such as that can sell uniforms at undeniable prices which are as low as $12 SGD before shipping. This article aims to answer the common asked questions by our customers and we hope that Taekwondo practitioners acquires the best knowledge before their next purchase. 1. What does it really mean to be STF/WTF Approved    (Screengrab from Singapore Taekwondo Federation - Four Companies Renewed on Use for STF Trademarks) Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) Approved STF is the main governing body for Taekwondo in Singapore which means that they...

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6 values you adapt while learning Taekwondo

Whether you are a parent deciding if you should be sending your kids to Taekwondo, or a practitioner that has just gotten your new belt, we wish to tell you about the benefits and values you can adapt and uphold while learning Taekwondo!  1. Courage The strongest value within martial artists would be courage. Some may not be in born with courage but Taekwondo definitely trains and equips one to be courageous individuals. Learning the appropriate Taekwondo techniques would unleash the hidden talent and determination within you! In addition, you will be able to resolve conflicts and obstacles fearlessly!   2. Discipline Discipline is key. It is an essential value to uphold as a practitioner in Taekwondo. No matter how well you...

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Guide to choosing your Taekwondo uniforms (Doboks) in Singapore

Dobok or 도복 (in korean) are the uniforms that are worn by Taekwondo practitioners while partaking in the sports. It embodies the pride of the Taekwondo since it is don through training, sparring, competitions and even grading. Every country's official Taekwondo body has their own rules and regulations to follow. It might come in a form of the styling of the Dobok as an identity of the country and also signifying the discipline that learning Taekwondo brings along with. We hope you will gain a better understanding on the Doboks after reading this article.  Here are some considerations to take note: 1. Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) Approved Uniforms                         STF Logo on the Left...

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5 Things to do to score during the Taekwondo Grading in Singapore

The centralised taekwondo gradings by the Singapore Taekwondo Federation is conducted once every 3 months. Several Taekwondo clubs in Singapore also hold their own grading examinations. All instructors would wish for the best in their students and  examiners too, do want students taking the grading to excel. It is common and natural for one to be nervous during gradings but fear not, the next 5 tips will aid you in acing your grading examination! 1. Practice, Practice, Practice! Your instructor have surely taught you well and the patterns have already been ingrained in you. Do remember to practice your patterns at home, in your mind while travelling and of course during your trainings! This will allow your brain to remember the pattern permanently and the movements will...

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